Tuesday, December 19, 2017


So, Roy Moore lost in Alabama.  He is a nut case, he was removed from the bench for failing to follow the laws of the United States.  He said, the last time Alabama was great was during slavery.  He said homosexual behavior should be illegal.  His relationships with young women raise concerns, as a lawyer he should have learned why the law protects minors from saying yes, to actions they will regret 40 years later.  As a self professed christian, he should be revolted by his actions 40 years ago.  

He lost, not because his core base voted against him, he lost because of unprecedented turn out of minority voters.  If we think Alabama is a sign that Republicans can't win, or Trump can't bring votes, or Bannon is poison, we are reading the wrong message.  The message was in minority voter turn out.  Voters who have been historically suppressed, turned out and voted in high numbers.  African Americans won that election.  

If you want to win an election, turn out the vote of voters who historically have been disenfranchised.  The disenfranchised can and will change the face of American politics.  


  1. Preach on brother!!!!!!! It's time for some to wake up and take the reigns out of idiots hands!!!!!!!

  2. I hope they continue to show up and are not kept away.