Thursday, December 28, 2017

All Neatly Organized - Not!

Isn't it a neat image, a place for everything and everything in it's place.  Very neatly organized.  I have to admit, parts of my life may be like that, but other parts of it definitely are not.  I impose order on some things, and let others run wild.  The the chips fall where they may, and I am fine with that.  

Is you life all neatly organized? 


  1. at work, yes because it has to be.

    at home, about 1/2. I know where many of the important papers are. but spouse is a pack rat and leaves stuff all over the place.

  2. Sort of...since I'm moving in the not too distant future, I've spent months throwing stuff away or donating it.

    I rather like the bare look in the house now.



  3. Organized? HA! The only thing organized about me are my dvd and cd collections, alphabetically. One of the effects of being a file clerk for several years, that and a bad back. Both my husband and me come from the school of "let no flat surface stay uncovered in junk". We don't like it, but it doesn't stop us. Clutter bugs and procrastinators of the world unite! Burn this crap!

  4. May 2018 allow the OCD part of my personality come out of its closet and get me organized!

  5. no but I am channeling my Swiss-German genetics to do just that this new year.

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