Monday, December 18, 2017


Should I be funny?  Should I be serious? Should I touch on politics?  Should I comment on religion? Or Values? Or Guns? Should I just do the photo of the day and not bore you with my words? 

Should my goal be to entertain, to inform, or merely to ramble?  Why do I do this thing called bogging? 

This has been a serious year, at times reflective.  In some part that was influenced by everything that happened in my life.  I have also drawn more caustic comments this year, I am pretty good at ignoring the trolls, though I did shut off anonymous comments.  The harshest, were unwilling to identify themselves. I am sorry if that hurts the kind hearted, just create a free blogger profile and comment away.    

Looking back there is some good stuff, some boring stuff, some pretty postings, some very personal postings.  I have struggled more to keep up the post a day.  I write and schedule ahead of time, often in batches, and at times it shows that I do that.  I am not as spontaneous as others.  

In the end, I blog as an outlet for what I am thinking, and to share images (the vast majority of which I have taken.)  Committing to a daily posting forces me to write, and the more I write, the better my writing is (typos and all.)  I didn't set out to attract a following, I started blogging for fun and friends.  And I have met some wonderful friends through blogging, and there are more I would like to meet.  

Why do you blog, and what is your blog address? 


  1. There is time for serious...but be as funny as is too short.

    I blog for a outlet to empty my mind of things I see and think and to have fun. People seems to enjoy all sorts of things.

  2. I started blogging to share/record our process of down-sizing and doing everything in preparation for a move to Spain. It's become my diary of moves, discoveries, personal battles, and more. But I try to keep it upbeat.

  3. to keep in touch with dear sweet friends, to get things "off my tits" (as john gray would say), to rage against the stupidity of assholes.

  4. I like the serious, I like the funny, I like the inane and insane, I like the Hot Mens.
    I think, therefore I blog.

  5. I don't blog. I admire those who have the patience and perseverance to do so. To paraphrase, those who can't, read and comment. I don't know the first thing about blog etiquette, so sometimes my comments can be as long as a blog post. Still I enjoy interacting with fun, thinking people. As for trolls, I find it very rude to go into someone else's home and trash it! If you don't like something don't read it. This isn't rocket science, sheesh!.

    1. And I love your visits Deedles... as do we all!

  6. I'm like Deedles - I don't blog either, which I'm a bit embarrassed about. Maybe one of these days? But I'm just not sure I have the skills. *computer idiot*

  7. I blog rubbish; these is no point in giving out the address.