Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shopping Done?

Is your Christmas shopping done?  I finished mine a couple of weeks ago.  I started doing my shopping early back in 1990 when I went to London for the first time- I did my Christmas shopping in May that year. The older I get, the less I like crowded shopping malls.  I never was fond of traffic. I grew up three miles outside of "town."  "Town" still does not have a traffic light, they have to bring in extra cars from other towns, to have a traffic jam, they only do that once a year for the High School home coming game.  I prefer quiet back streets, but I want to be near the action.  

I'd love to live on this quiet ancient street (St. Malo, France.)  It is quiet, but only a couple of minutes from the bustling market streets of the old walled city.  Those stones have been witness to centuries Christmases, with centuries more to come.  Parking would be a challenge, but traffic is not bad.  

Shopping done? 


  1. a month ago; no malls/traffic/muggins/carjackings. it helps when you only have to buy for a spouse & 3 cats.

  2. Anonymous12/23/2017

    Yes. We only really exchange small token gifts. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. yes! I never feel quite at ease until it is done.

  4. I've been done, but not much to get.

    HAPPY YULETIDE TO YOU dear 👄🎅🎄👄🎅🎄

  5. I don't shop anymore. So much easier! I had to re-read that third sentence. I thought you did all your Christmas shopping in 1990. That's being way more prepared than anyone I've very known!

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