Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Front of the Plane

I have flown a lot, almost-almost always in the back of the plane.  A couple of times I was bumped up front when the airline made a huge mistake or needed to move weight forward (one advantage of being fat, I move more weight forward than a thin person.)  A couple of times I have paid for upgrades at the gate.  For every ride I have had up-front, I have had 50 or a 100 in the back.  

I have come close to making "medallion" status a couple of times in the past, being recognized by the airlines as a valuable frequent flyer, but never quite made it until this year. I took 30 flights on American Airlines and made Gold.  

What do I get for that?  A choice of better seats without paying extra in coach. Earlier boarding, long before the overhead bins are full.  At some airports a priority check in line - though I use the machines almost every time.  On flights up to 500 miles a seat in first class if it is available, and the option to buy lower cost upgrades to first class on longer flight - subject to space availability.  They serve real food in First Class.  Real food on domestic flights - it has been years since I have seen that.  I am already counting the flights for 2018 so I can keep this going for 2019.  I think I am addicted.  


  1. that meal above looks dee-lish. but I ain't gonna start flying to get one any time soon!

  2. Wishing you luck with that! We have upgraded or paid a few times for business class from here to NY. The deals were good and gave us a taste for something we won't normally afford. This year's offer was $3,000 more each way per person. Never mind!

  3. That sure looks better than peanuts, but I'm with Anne Marie. There ain't enough perks in the world to get me on another plane.

  4. I don't blame you. This looks 'civilized' as how flights should be or used to be.

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