Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Modern Easy Life

After my grandfather died, my grandmother bought a house in Florida, near my parents.  When she moved in she remarked, this is the first home I have ever owned that had in inside bathroom when I bought it.  She has owned three homes before that, added indoor toilets in all of them.  My mother's family didn't have electricity until she was a teenager.  My father's boyhood home, had electricity before it had indoor plumbing.  

We take these modern conveniences, things that make our lives easier for granted.  I just finished reading David Lebovitz's latest book, L'appart.  The book tells the long and difficult tale of him buying and rebuilding an apartment in Paris.  He is a pastry chef and cook.  He had to have a nice kitchen.  He insisted on a 30 inch oven, a dishwasher, and a large refrigerator.  The French, didn't really understand his desire to have such large appliances in a small Paris apartment.  I did, I have never owned a home without them.  Oh, and a Microwave, I have had one since 1983.  My mother had one before that.  

Each generation has conveniences, that were unheard of luxuries in the generation before.  I am confident this will continue.  

What will be in my kitchen 20 years from now that I haven't even imagined today? 


  1. I got my current microwave around 1983, and it was used at that!

    I'm waiting for Rosie the Robot, from the Jetsons, she seems to be good company.



  2. "What will be in my kitchen 20 years from now that I haven't even imagined today?" ME?

  3. Make that: Me baking a cake.

  4. In MY kitchen 20 years from now? A full-time cook?!?