Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Change of Perspective

The first image was taken with the widest angle lens I now own, the second picture was taken with my longest.  Both were taken from the exact same place.  The glass enclosed balcony in the second image is on the building barely visible in the distance out through the windows on the first image. What a difference in perspective.

I am a camera nut, I have been since I was child with my first Kodak Instamatic.  I have owned a lot of cameras and lenses over the years.  In the 70's I bought a bag full of Cannon professional equipment - the best of the line for the day.  When digital came in I went compact - owning a couple of really good compact digital cameras, but  always missing the creativity, flexibility and quality of single lens reflex cameras.  This year I took the plunge and bought a nice Nikon digital SLR with two good lenses. For Christmas my sweet hubby, bought me the widest wide angle lens I have ever owned.  10-20 mm digital is equivalent to 15 to 30 mm for a 35 mm camera.  The widest I had owned in Cannon professional lenses was a 24 mm, and it was my favorite for landscape and architectural shots for years a couple of decades.

I am amazed and reminded that if I take time to look, there is more than one perspective to see.


  1. What a great comparison and analogy (and room, tree, and camera)!

  2. sweet bear was good to you; he deserves a reward!

  3. Talk about perspective, I didn't notice the person in the first picture. What I now know are legs, I thought at first and second glances, were couch cushions! That is a warm and cozy looking room. As for cameras, I miss film. Is yelling at kids on your parcel of weeds the same as telling them to get off of your lawn?