Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sunday Five - Looking for some advice

1: I need one more round trip on the airline I fly the most to level up in the frequent flyer program for next year - bringing with it some nice perks.  It will need to be a quick weekend get away.  Where should I go? 

2: I inherited a cemetery lot in a small country grave yard, in very rural Michigan, the last place I want to spend eternity.  What do I do with it? 

3: My sweet bear is coming to DC for Thanksgiving this year.  Is that to soon to decorate for Christmas? 

4: My fruitcakes are mellowing in the refrigerator, I love home made fruitcake.  It is time for their second boozing. Should I use rum, brandy or bourbon? 

5: The engineers say bumblebees can't fly. Should I tell them when I see them? 

Your answers? 


  1. 2) Advertise in the newspaper in the small town. Or, if you know anyone who lives there, enlist his/her help.
    3) Thanksgiving is definitely NOT too early to decorate for Christmas.
    4) I would use what I used for the first boozing.
    5) No, let the poor things suffer their delusions.

  2. If you don't want to be buried there...I say dump it or sell it back if you can.

    I'm in visual display so you'd think Id decorate early, but don't I don't like to rush the holidays, but enjoy them individually. December 1st for me is the time to decorate.

    yes....the second boozing should be the same as the first

    Bumblebees don't fly??? Then I must have ate too much of your fruitcakes because I know I have seen them fly.

  3. 5. That reminds me of an episode of "Gilligan's Island." Gilligan was flying until Skipper said, "Gilligan, you can't fly!" Gilligan looked down from the sky and said, "I can't?!?" "No!" He immediately crashed. In other words, Don't tell the bumblebees.

  4. 1: niagara falls? savannah? charleston? vermont?

    2: I second practical here

    3: nope

    4: brandy; and I would like to try your fruitcake

    5: nope, they've been doing it for many years; don't burst their bubble

  5. 1. I'm with AM. The weather is cooling here in SC and Charleston would be perfect!
    2. Sell it.
    4. I'd ditch the cakes and just drink the bourbon.
    5. Why ruin their day?

  6. I hope I am not too late to provide my sensible and erudite advice:

    1: Pick something random via a D&D dice roll.

    2: Donate it.

    3: no

    4: use the brandy; drink the bourbon.

    5: Don't bother. Bumblebees seldom listen to you.

    1. Regarding number 2 - I was thinking that. I had a friend in Lexington who died unexpectedly, and her family was broke, the local cemetery provided a donated space from someone who didn't want it and it was a huge relief for the daughter.

    2. Anonymous10/01/2017

      Regarding donation, that's what I was thinking as well, as long as it wasn't being donated back to the Funeral Home for them to re-sell. In other words ensure that it's a situation where the customer, not the funeral home, benefits, just like your friend and her daughter benefited from a donation.

  7. 1. Go someplace where you've never been before.

    2. It's better to be dead in rural Michigan than alive.

    3. Thanksgiving isn't too early to decorate for Xmas.

    4. Rum

    5. Bumblebees can't swim.

    1. Regarding number 2, can the same be said about Tennessee?