Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Front the Airbus

I have very-very rarely ridden up front, business or first class.  At times some airlines offer the option to buy and upgrade at the gate, and I have done that a couple of times, and I think twice I was moved to first class to solve a seating or balance issue for the airline.  I should ride up more often in 2018.  I have flown enough on one airline to earn "Status" in their frequent flyer program.  This brings earlier boarding, and free or low cost first class upgrades on a space available basis.  On my most recent trip, I was moved to first class on the first leg.  And the seat next to me was empty.  

I have to admit I felt a little out of place, unsure how to respond to the polite offers of service and attention.  I think I can get use to it.  

Once you make status, it is easier to keep it, I only need to fly 60% as much next year, as I did this year, to stay in the front of the bus for 2019.  

I do like the larger seats.  


  1. and don't you look cute up there!

  2. We used to be able to upgrade all the time. Now, we pay for it although not often and only when a really special deal is being offered. It's a dangerous habit to start. "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm?"

  3. It’s much nicer up there. A much better way to fly. Careful it’s habit forming.

  4. Anonymous10/26/2017

    The request you need to get used to when you press the call bell is - Champagne please.

  5. You look quite happy !