Tuesday, October 03, 2017

An Odd Place to Park a Boat

I was scheduled to be in Florida the weekend the hurricane hit, I am glad I rescheduled.  The hotel I was to stay in was without power for two days, it would have been a miserable trip.  I needed to reschedule the airline ticket before the end of September, so I was in Florida for 48 hours recently.  

I turned left on US-1 in Titusville and there was a boat on the side of the road.  My immediate thought was "that is an odd place to park a boat."  It wasn't parked there, it had blown there in the storm.  It was partially in the water, mostly up on the shore of the inland waterway (sort of an estuary / slow moving river - it has a current so it is classified as a river.)  

The crew was lifting it, putting blocks under it, pumping water out of it, and lifting some more. I remarked to a local in a pickup truck watching, that maybe they could slide it back in the water, he said, that won't help.  The water there is far to shallow, without the worst storm surge in 60 years, the boat would never have floated to the shore at that spot along the river. There was a trailer standing by to haul it away,  when I left town 40 hours later they were still working on trying to recover it.  

Have you ever seen something parked where it didn't belong? 


  1. Yes, I parked my car on the grass on campus because it did not want to be late to class.

    Often, I see a car parked in front of my driveway because the neighbors do not understand about parking laws.

  2. After Hurricane Sandy, my mother's parking lot had cars here and there stacked atop other cars.

  3. After Wilma one of our tenants cars was parked about 30 feet from its parking spot. Apparently an associated tornado has passed through there.

  4. Anonymous10/03/2017

    I once drove my mother’s Porsche into the middle of a roundabout. She was not amused. Need I say more?

  5. Yes, after Darwin's Cyclone Tracy in 1976, the pool of the hotel where we (those of us from Sydney's Vet's Affairs Hospital that were there to help for a while) stayed was full of cars. PLUS, we also saw a car up a tree! That's some fancy parking!