Wednesday, October 04, 2017

From a Friend posted to Facebook this Morning

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JET BLUE: Please train your front line staff at JFK that when they see a person with a Seeing Eye Dog it means that the person is blind and your staff should use more descriptive phrases such as "the counter is on your left" or "your luggage goes on the conveyor belt on your right" INSTEAD OF SAYING TO ME "go over there" or "bring your luggage over to oversized" (with no description of where I can find where that area is) - apparently pointing. Next, please train your staff on the handicapped phone line to enter into your computer system that I am traveling with a service dog (after I inform them on the call) so I do not have to face the repeated humiliation at your ticket counter from an exasperated staffer as to WHY I need a dog anyway since the boarding pass does not specify a service animal - it is not for me to justify my existence but for you to justify why I should choose to continue to fly Jet Blue as a blind man. RANT OVER.


  1. customer service - an oxymoron.

  2. Inexcusable. I recently read a book on customer service (or the lack thereof), and this is a classic example. What is so hard to understand about someone's being blind? And should one not feel very happy the blind person can be mobile with a seeing eye dog? That alone should spark gratitude and compassion.

    LOL, rant over. But it is so easy to understand that "there, but for fortune (or the grace of God), go I."