Wednesday, October 18, 2017

All Alone Waiting for It's Master to Return

I changed planes at LaGuardia recently (what a dump) and sitting there on the side of the airport, gathering dust and looking all sad and neglected was Trump's personal airplane.  It looked like a puppy sitting watch on the side of the runway, waiting for it's master to return.  A sad sight, I hope he returns to it soon. 


  1. And I hope it takes him far far far away forever and ever amen.

  2. Yes please. It’s time he spent his own dime to get to his golf resorts. This bullshit of him giving his paychecks to charity, he saves more on jet fuel (that now we pay for) than the job pays him.

  3. if I could say what I am REALLY thinking, I could be in BIG trouble...