Friday, October 13, 2017

Sexual Harassment

There is a major sexual harassment case in the news.  It triggered a bit of a PTSD flashback for me.    

I was sexually harassed.  I was the court appointed attorney, the court appointed social worker on the case made unwelcome, repeated, indecent and repulsive sexual advances on me. I was unbelievably upset by it.  I tried talking to my supervisor (this happened in the course of my work) and was basically laughed out of her office, and told to suck-it-up and finish the case.  I finished the case, but the harassment left me feeling powerless, demeaned, angry and depressed.  No one should ever be made to feel that way in the course of their work.  

Take the survivors seriously.  They have been hurt in ways that no one else can ever understand.  The only way to stop harassment is to speak up, to stand up, to tell the harasser that their behavior is wrong, if not criminal.  

The social worker went on to continue harassing others, it was two or three years before the SW was fired and license was revoked.  Maybe if I had spoken up louder, maybe if I had been taken seriously by my boss, others would have been spared.   


  1. Your story is so common. And yet we're still shocked whe we read these in the news.

  2. people only think of "male to female" when this subject is mentioned. but it can happen as "female to male" or "male to male" or "female to female" also.

    BTDT with the "male to female" side. as I always say, "call out the hate, everywhere, right fucking now!" for this crime is a form of hate.

  3. Our society is so accepting of it they will choose a known harasser over a more qualified individual for the highest office in the land.

  4. As hrad as it is, people need to speak up sooner when it happens. If too much time lapses, it gets harder to prove. Sorry to hear,about your story penguin.

  5. Anonymous10/13/2017

    You did your best Penguin.

  6. I'm so sorry this happened and was handled so abysmally.

    Your supervisor (and the harasser, of course) should both have lost their jobs. Your supervisor should have been ashamed of the way she reacted to your story. She should have protected you and taken action.

  7. I have been harassed. It leaves a person feeling somehow it is the person's fault. It takes a bit of soul from the harassed.