Monday, October 02, 2017

Harvest Season

Depending on where you are in the northern hemisphere, it is harvest season, or maybe harvest season has already ended.  I grew up in agriculture, I grew up growing a garden.  In the winter you plan and pull together the resources you need for spring. In spring we plant and place livestock (even if the livestock was insects, beekeeping is still agriculture - though it is hard to get a rope around the little fliers) through the summer you care for it, and in the fall you harvest.  There is a lot beyond your control like the weather and disease, but you know what steps you need to take, to have the best chance of a good harvest.  

It was good preparation for life.  The cycle of planning, planting, nurturing and harvesting applies to many things we do.  I know if don't do the planning, the planting and the nurturing, there will not be much in life to harvest.  

The thing that keeps farmers and gardeners going (beyond being a little crazy) is knowing that the cycle starts over again each year. No matter the outcome of this year, next year is a new beginning. Much in life is like that also.  

Have you raised a garden? 


  1. I'd love to, but I seem to be allergic to everything that grows. *itch, scratch, itch* And yeah, I've tried doing it with gloves, but I still seem to wind up with an itchy face and arms, so no, no actual garden here. Just some bushes that pretty much take care of themselves.

  2. just like baseball (wait til next year!).

    todd planted tomatoes, cukes, peppers this season; the peppers did poorly, the cukes grew like crazy, and the last of the tomatoes are still ripening.

  3. Every day is a new beginning... or wait, is every day a winding round? Whatever.

  4. Used to grow potatoes with my Grandma...and pick wild berries.



  5. I don't have a personal garden, but I do help my aunt with her herb garden. We have also around 12 different herbs we planet and the share them. It did real well this year. Basil, parsley and rosemary coming out our ears.

  6. I so miss gardening.It may be enough to move back to the midwest just to have one again.