Monday, October 16, 2017

This is for Spo

So, I finally tried Tim Hortons. There are none near where I live, but they are plentiful in Michigan.  

It was later afternoon, early evening.  I ordered a frozen hot-chocolate, a ham and swiss, and we split a box of TimBits.  

It was good. The frozen-hot chocolate was tasty and just what I needed to settle my digestion.  The sandwich was fresh and well made.  The TimBits are lite and flavorful  My guess would be  a yeast based doughnut.  They didn't have they heavy greasiness that many doughnut holes, have.  

The menu is a bit hard to follow for a first timer, the counter staff was very helpful.  Yes, I would go back.  

Have you tried Tim Hortons? 


  1. nope, they do not exist round here.
    for donuts, I visit a local shop called suzy-jo; three words, sour.cream.donuts.

  2. Not yet....but I hear good things. I pass a,Sweet Taco on my way to work. They are famous for their donuts as well. OH.MY.GOD.

  3. Anonymous10/16/2017

    No, they don’t have them in the UK which is probably just as well as Id end up the size of a house.

  4. I had never even heard of it before Spo. I've never had Tim's bits.