Friday, May 19, 2017


We have a substantial collection of stuffed animals. Penguins, of course and sheep, but there are also a handful of exotics.  They make the ideal house pets for people who travel too much and are never sure what to do with living beings.  I am very tactile and enjoy holding them.  There is a resident sheep in my bedroom - Patrick and I have been through so much.    

We have a Dodo, from natural history museum at Oxford.  Dodos went extinct in the mid 1600's.  A lot of drawings and paintings exist, the last taxidermied specimen was tossed in a bonfire about 100 years ago by a museum employee who thought it was just another dusty mouth eaten old thing.  The charred remains are treasured by the museum, little more than a beak and feet.   

We have a life size California Condor chick, that my mother declared the "ugliest thing she had ever seen."  Jay has been pushing for psychotherapy for Fluffy for sometime.  

Ah the picture above.  A few years ago we were on a grand circle tour of Lake Erie.  We took a couple of the kids with us, a penguin or two, and our Rodney, our Wombat.  When we were checking into the hotel in Niagara Falls Rodney didn't want to stay in the car.  So I tucked him under my arm and away we went.  Doorman held the door open, did a double take and said, "this is Canada, your beaver is very welcome here!"  I pointed out the short fluffy tale and explained that Rodney was a wombat not a beaver.  I bet that doorman still remembers the guy with a wombat tucked under his arm.  

You don't have to be crazy to be us, but it would help.  

What is the oddest thing you have carried into a hotel? 


  1. I sleep with a small teddy bear; boo bear goes everywhere with me (excluding work).

    spouse's CPAP machine would qualify as a weird item.

    "wombat" - some words are just too cool/funny/crazy to say!

    would you share a pix of patrick?

  2. But I can't see a wombat in the picture, only a waterfall! Did you stuff a waterfall under your arm? *eyes open wide in amazement*

    When I was a kid we used to have the occasional wombat scuffling around in our backyard. We kids loved it, but Mum would get cross because they'd ruin her garden.

  3. You should have said, "Thanks, I just had it stuffed!"

    Well, it worked for Priscilla Presley!



  4. I actually have a stuffed Wombat as well but have never carried it into a hotel. I was just on a trip into Richmond VA where at my real estate conference I won one of the Wells Fargo ponies, a black one named Mike. Upon packing to return I couldn't bring myself to make Mike travel in the checked bag and my carry-on was a bit confining so I carried Mike all the way home under my arm. He got to sit in first class, enjoy the Denver United Club and even got to enjoy the people watching from under my left arm during my 2 full walking laps of Denver's United concourse. I got a few looks carrying him and having him share my seat. He's been in my bed since his arrival here in San Diego.

  5. My pillow?? My husband's large covered plastic tub of our medicines?? A huge bag of books for a short trip--I am never sure which one I will want next.

  6. A fellow named Winston.

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