Sunday, May 07, 2017

New Sunday Morning Post

Being that the Sunday Five, was posted on Saturday this week, let me share a few of my fond memories of grand adventures. 

Oxford University, I was there for five days while Dr. J attended a conference one summer. We attended a tea part hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury while there.   
Mt St Michelle, France, I dreamed about seeing this, I have been there twice

Washington DC, It is an amazing, and sometimes bizarre city.

New Orleans, Louisiana, some of the best food in the world - stay away from the frozen drinks with 190 in the name. 

Munich, Germany on my 56th birthday - I only had one beer.

Mt Washington, New Hampshire - they have stopped running steam power up the incline railway, I am so glad I caught the coal fired steam in the last months.

Enjoy the adventure that is life, we regret most in life the opportunities we passed on, grab the opportunity for adventure when and while you can.  


  1. GREAT photos. I especially love the joy on your face as you hold that tiny and nearly empty beer glass.

  2. "sometimes bizarre city" - sometimes? ALWAYS, dear penguin, ALWAYS.

  3. Mt St Michelle in France is definitely on my bucket list. Such a fascinating place. And by the size of that beer, one would be enough.

  4. What marvelous places you have seen!

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