Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

The start of the summer season, and a time to pause and reflect.  The name indicates a day set aside to commemorate the end of a couple of wars and to honor the men and women who risked and sacrificed life and limb. 

I fall into the fortunate gap in our population that was not at risk of war.  Vietnam ended before I finished high school, and the Gulf Wars didn't get started until I was nearing 30.  

Arlington National Cemetery overlooks Washington DC, the picture above is in the American Military Cemetery in Normandy in France.  

I think we should move the presidents house, and congress into the middle of a military cemetery.  Perhaps it would remind those who call the shots of the impact of their actions.  

I have to admit I am not as optimistic this year as I have been.  Too many mad men, who have never experienced the horrors of war are in control of armies around the world.  I will do my little bit today, to try to remind the world war is hell, war never proves who is right, only who is stronger, there are better ways of resolving differences, than war.  


  1. I'm not feeling very hopeful either.

  2. War is not nor has ever been the answer.

  3. I was tasked with putting down (and pulling up) those little American flags in Arlington Nat'l Cemetery, as a low-ranking member of the Third Infantry Division at Ft. Myer.

    I am acutely more aware of the significance today.