Monday, May 15, 2017

Airport Terminals

This the B terminal at Boston, home to American Airlines and United Airlines.  The architecture screams 1960's, with the sweeping ceiling and glass wall.  It is a nice space, nice seating, relatively comfortable.  Lots of walking.  

Boston is an older terminal, chopped up into lots of parts.  Atlanta has a modern terminal but the concourses are far to long to not have moving sidewalks or people movers.  O'Hare is huge, but the individual parts are fairly easy to move about (changing airlines can be difficult.) Minneapolis is a monster, far too spread out.  Denver and Detroit are new(er) the new Detroit terminal is nice. Orlando is nice, but starting to show it's age. The challenge at Denver is it's remote location and only one security check points. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is easy to get around, short concourses, four security check points.  The issue with National is the limitation on larger jets and long flight.  Memphis, St. Louis and Cincinnati all have terminals much larger than they need, closed airline hubs.  Washington Dulles, it is actually closer to West Virginia than it is to Washington DC.  LAX is an ugly maze, but baggage claim is easy to get to.  SFO- is huge, parts of it are very nice.  DFW - has a ton of terminals, a slow train and lots of walking.  San Diego has one of the prettiest locations - but the last time I was there it lacked a street car connection to the city.  Phoenix is huge, and well connected.  Las Vegas is modern, has slot machines and seemingly desperate people.  

There are a ton of smaller airports across the country. I have flown in and out of more of them than I can count.  Most of them are quite comfortable, a handful are quite nice (Savannah, GA), a handful are real dumps (Fayetteville, NC.) 

What is your favorite airport terminal?  


  1. You are correct in San Diego still not having a street car connection, at least it is located right beside downtown so a taxi/uber ride is short and cheap. I actually really like O'Hare and Dulles, both are great airports to walk and people watch. I like to walk the concourse between flights to get my daily 10,000 step minimum in when traveling thus I skip the people movers. The original Dulles terminal is quite the incredible piece of architecture. Houston Bush is probably my most frequented hub and while it gives me ample walking, it is still got to be one of the most confusing and complicated layouts.

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