Monday, May 08, 2017

What's the rush?

Back in 1978, just a few months after I bought my first car, I was in a hurry to get to nothing important, I rushed a left hand turn, and clipped fenders with another car.  I still don't know where he came from, I never saw him until I heard the fenders bending.  I can't remember what I was in a hurry for - it must not have been that important. I flash back to that and remember, I have more time than fenders.  

And yet I find myself always in a hurry.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are all rushing to the grave.  I get impatient with people, I fuss when the grocery checker is slow, or the person in front of me in the express lane at airport security is not ready when she gets to the front of the line (what are the amateurs doing in the Pre-check line?)  And I seldom need to be in a hurry.  I control my calendar, I schedule my travel.  I get anxious if I am afraid I am going to be late, so I allow plenty of time, then I fuss if anyone slows me down, on my plan to be early.  

When will I relax?  - After I am dead - maybe I should try it before then.  

Am I wound a little tightly?   


  1. Where are those bronze sculptures? I love them and I have never seen them before. Even though, when I almost never have anywhere to BE, I sometimes get anxious if I a line is moving too slowly. I'm grateful though that it's now only sometimes. I think most of us can be wound a little too tight.

  2. "I get impatient with people" - so do I because most of them are fucking stupid! lack of intelligence/common sense annoys me!

  3. I get impatient with impatient people because, generally, I am utterly patient. My mantra is 'Relax, we'll get there.'

  4. Yes!!! You are wound to tightly!!!

    Me too...I think it is a 'survival mechanism' of living in a large AM said, lots of stupid people out there.

    So all this stress will kill us eventually...I'm working hard on trying not to be stressed out, but a lot of it is subconscious.



  5. Thank you for reminding me first thing on a fully booked day to take it slow cause I can do thus without stressing.

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