Friday, May 12, 2017

Favorite Seat

Here I am, seat 23-C,  aisle seat, on the left side the airplane (8 PM flight from Boston to DC.)  My right arm is unobstructed in the aisle.  I don't really care how far back I am on the plane, the whole plane gets there about the same time. 

On a train, I prefer a window seat, facing forward.  On a double deck train, I prefer the view from the upper level.  

On the metro subway trains, it is more complicated.  On the Yellow line, inbound, I prefer the fourth car from the front, middle of the car next to the seats that face the aisle, east side of the train, facing either way.  Outbound, the same seat on the first car of the train. The car placement gives me the easiest changes of trains.  The middle of the train, give me the most room because of inward facing seats near the door, the east side of the train give me the best view of the airport as we pass through.  When I first moved to DC, I would grab any car, any seat. Over time I have figured out what seat is most comfortable has the best view,  and gives me the easiest changes. 

Yes, I have spent time figuring this all out.  

Do you have a favorite seat?   


  1. This is a small town in the South, so none of that is available. And, I seldom fly. However, I cannot ride in a rear seat in a car due to car sickness.

  2. I plop my fat ass down on the first open seat.

  3. Usually window, right side of plane or train... unless I think the view will be better from the other side. Short flight, aisle.

  4. Anonymous5/12/2017

    I'm in 4f tomorrow.

  5. Window seat. No one walks over me and I rarely get up during a flight.

  6. Next to the liquor cart.



  7. 2E (Aisle in dat front section) or 7F (bulkhead so I can get out but get the window, only seat that I like window) otherwise it's just gotta be an aisle.
    I ain't never thought about trains, I just get on. Where I am on San Diego trolley line it's standing room only almost 90% of the time.

  8. I like the window if there is one. I can peer out and go into a dwam.


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