Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Slow Drive

One afternoon recently I was planning to attend a reception at the Gaylord National Hotel, at National Harbor.  According to the google map above, it is 4.2 miles from home to the hotel.  If I lived in the on the east side of one of the building on that side of the Condominium I could see the hotel from my terrace (I have a view of a parking lot!)  

The reception ran from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  I left home at about 4:55 PM.  I figured 30 minutes would be enough time.  Boy was I wrong.  At 5:30 I had made it as far as Fort Hunt Road, in 35 minutes I had traveled less than 1.5 miles.  Even if I was driving the Lamborghini in the picture above, I still was not going to make it on time.  I turned right at Ft. Hunt Road and went home, it took me about 5 minutes to get home.  There are reasons I don't normally drive around here on weekdays. 

Have you ever given up on traffic and gone home?  


  1. should have left your house at 3p. DC traffic sucks moose nuts!

  2. Imagine the poor folks who sit through this every day!



  3. Why just like it is portrayed in La La Land, out here we all get out of our cars to do a quick song n dance number until the traffic starts moving. 😉

  4. I have to giggle a bit....I've given up before I left the house. Many years ago, when I lived in Los Angeles (before the light rail/subway system), at 10:00AM on a Sunday morning I decided and undecided to go to LACMA (LA County Museum of Art). Travel time 30 minutes, hunting and parking 30 minutes, by then it will be lunch time, add 30-45 minutes, see the exhibit 2 hours, return trip 45-minutes/1 hour (Sunday afternoon, beach traffic), add a 1 hour contingency for dinner out if the drive became too irritating. I stayed home that Sunday

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