Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Seattle, I didn't set out to plan a trip to Seattle back in 2008, I was planning an Alaskan inside passage cruise.  We had been to Europe a couple of times in the previous couple of years and had decided to stay closer to home in 2008.  My parents had always talked about going to Alaska, so when I started looking at cruises I looked at one's that would be easiest for them.  The thought was that the shorter flight to Seattle would be easier than flying into Anchorage, and would avoid any passport issues with Vancouver BC. So I decided on a round trip from Seattle.  I did everything that I could to persuade my parents to go, and in the end they were afraid of traveling and being that far away from civilization and medical care.  They waited to long for the adventure.  

I worry about being late, so I booked us to fly into Seattle a couple of days before the cruise left, and an extra couple of nights in Seattle on the way home.  It is a neat town, we visited the Space Needle and the surrounding parks, the Pike Place Market, toured underground Seattle, took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island, and met some dear blogging friends for a fun afternoon.  

Fun town, I would go back anytime.  

Have you been sleepless in Seattle? 


  1. I remember the city as being rather damp

  2. my only trip to seattle with the ex-husband - the space needle was closed due to a fire in the restaurant at the top. :(

    pike place market and seattle underground was cool, as was the aquarium. drawbacks - the constant showers and the street pattern. that street grid makes dc streets look sane. and I h8 the dc street grid!

  3. One of the coolest and most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Loved it! And it didn't even rain when we were there, as I recall. I vividly remember looking out from the Needle and suddenly realizing that big storm front approaching the city was My. Rainier... spectacular.

  4. I lived there for almost a year. When I met The Better Half he had one year of his medical residency left at UW. I moved there to be with him and I worked at Seattle Children's hospital. I love Seattle.

  5. We did what you did--a couple of days before and after an inside passage cruise. My hubby's brother, ex-sister-in-law (we like her better) and nephews live in and around Seattle. We did the usual tourist stuff--Pike Market, Mt. Rainier, etc. Once back from the cruise, we flew to Spokane and drove to Kellogg, Idaho, which is my husband's hometown.

    We've made the Seattle-Spokane-Kellogg trip twice over the twenty-four years of our marriage, but we probably won't go again--aging and disabilities make travel less than fun anymore.

  6. I have yet to get to Seattle, but I know they have a very active drag scene there, and I love markets, so I would love to see the Pike Place of course and have a coffee or three!

  7. Lots of times, to see friends and family. My brother used to work there at the aquarium.

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