Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Traveling and traveling exhibits

I like museums.  Now, I am not one to linger for hours in a museum, I can "do" the Louvre and have a late lunch across the street (I had snails) and have seen all that I want to see.  But I do enjoy great museums, the building, the collections, the way things are presented.  One my great disappointments in living in Lexington, Kentucky, was that Lexington does not have a museum. There is a small gallery at the University (with NO PARKING.) The nearest museums are in Louisville and Cincinnati (Cincy has a real good art museum.)  I will travel to see a museum, looking at museums is always a part of my travel planning.  One of the great attractions of living in the Washington DC area was the world class collection of museums,  the vast majority of them open to the public without charge.

Then there are traveling exhibits.  The sculpture above was on loan to the National Gallery.  DC attracts a lot of traveling exhibits, but so do smaller town museums. A couple of decades ago we went to Memphis to see a traveling exhibit of Titanic artifacts.  I own a fragment of coal recovered from the Titanic wreck site.  


  1. right now our MoA has a traveling exhibit of impressionist paintings (e.g., monet, degas, etc.).

    once, spouse and I went to new haven CT to see an exhibit of toulouse-lautrec posters, sketches, etc. on the yale university campus. T-L is my fave painter.

    and when a traveling exhibit of titanic artifacts came to the franklin institute, we went; haunting images and items.

  2. PS - I wouldn't mind waking up next to a live version of that statue! ;-)

  3. I love museums and admittedly love to linger. I've seen numerous great museums but, unfortunately, haven't been to a good one in years. You're fortunate to have access to the museums in the D.C. area.

    I've never had snails.

  4. I love museums too but I get easily exhausted in them - so much information literally tires me out and I must go and buy something.