Thursday, June 18, 2015

No GEICO Gecko In Sight

GEICO has been running a TV commercial where the annoying little Gecko is dropped off by helicopter on the deck on the battleship Missouri.  The ship in on permanent display in downtown Norfolk Virginia.  There is a nice, if small museum, and the battleship to explore.  It is interesting and worth the visit.  No Geckos in sight the day we were there, I probably would have chased the little reptile over the side if I had seen him, especially if the Gecko had that annoying accent.


  1. bwhahahahaha! first thing I have read this morning!

  2. My hometown......Norfolk not the ship.
    I think we all harbor thoughts of doing nasty things to that little

  3. That little fella gets around!!!

  4. Oh c'mon now, the Aussie accent is sweet. The little green lizard is double-stuff annoying!

    Peace <3