Monday, June 01, 2015

Progress Report!

I have been home for four days and I am doing well.  I saw the neurosurgeon who removed the tumor this morning.  Lots of good news, the pathology reports confirm that the tumor was a non-cancerous Schwannoma. (Google if you want to know more.) There was about 5% left behind, stuck to the bottom of my right lung.  The plan for that is to watch and wait.  Most often between the surgery, cutting off most of the blood flow and an immune system response, this tumor type does not regrow.  If it does it is in the lung cavity and not in the spine.  It would be treatable with radiation if needed.  I will be back in an MRI machine 2-3 times a year for a couple of years. This was the best case scenario on the pathology report, I am thrilled and relieved.

My next appointment is in four weeks.  That means I am wearing the brace for another four weeks, at least. I doctor asked me not to drive until the brace comes off.  I am off work at least through the end of June.  (I have great colleagues who have picked up all of my projects, I am able to follow along but I am not suppose to work.)  It is testing my ability to delegate - a skill I have needed to work on.

I am working with a home health agency trying to set up home-based physical therapy.  That has been slower then I wanted.  I am hoping for them to start Tuesday.

I have been moving a bit more each day.  My knees and feet are stiff and sore, the doctor said to push, but listen to my body.  If it hurts, do a little less the next day. My knees are stronger, lifting more of the load when I sit and stand. Today I was out for five hours, five hours with shoes on (the longest since May 12th.)  While we were out I ordered new eyeglasses, stopped at the pastry shop and picked up a couple of items at the grocery store. This involved getting in and out of the car four times, and walking on a variety of surfaces and terrains.   A good challenge.  By the time we returned home, I was ready for a nap.

There is still a lot loss or changes in sensation in my feet, this will take the longest to return to the extent that it does return.  I will keep working on this.

I really appreciate all of the help and encouragement from all of my friends.



    I will share this with my knitting friends, who have been sending you mojo via their minds.

  2. This is TANFASTIC! YAY FOR YOU!!!!

    Peace <3

  3. great news indeed!



  4. You look marvelous; who took these pictures I wonder?

  5. Great news, I'm really pleased for you.

  6. I'm delightfully surprised that you have been out and about already. Wonderful news!!!!

  7. Anonymous6/04/2015

    Wonderful, wonderful news! Five hours out is a lot...I'd need a nap after that but would have to eat a bit of that pastry first. Always sweet dreams....
    Leslie in NJ