Saturday, June 20, 2015

Harbor Tours

I love boats, big boats, little boats, ships and barges, if it floats I enjoy it.  Well there is one exception, I am not terribly fond of sail boats, when I want to go someplace I want to go and not be at the mercy of the winds on how to get there.  When I travel I enjoy harbor tours, ferry-boats and other ways of getting out on the water and seeing the place from a different point of view.  This was taken someplace on a harbor tour in Norfolk, Virginia.  Someday, maybe I will own a boat.  I only had one Aunt and Uncle, when I was growing up they lived on a lake about 40 miles away and they had a couple of boats, a classic early 1960's power boat - complete with fins, and a row boat.  I always enjoyed visiting them in the summer and taking a ride on the lake.


  1. I had a small sail boat that I sailed a lot when I was 11 to 14. Then we moved from SC and nearby water to WV, and I wound up getting a canoe. Then a kayak. All that being said, I, too love boats, and touring on them, and diving from them. Not sure if I want to take a cruise on one of those floating cities, but I like ferries, the "ducks" in Boston, and all sorts of stuff like that!

    Peace <3

  2. I've been on the harbor tour in Norfolk. Okay, so it was like.. 40 years ago. Someday I'll get back home for a visit :)

  3. I like boats too. I grew up with them, so they are full of fond memories. Next weekend I visit the parents and I hope we go a-boating.