Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Wednesday W's of Life

What have I been up to? Work, I have a major board meeting coming up and I have been doing prep for that. My department has been included in a major fundraising event - and I am preparing for that.  I will actually break with protocol next month, and post about my real work on the blog. An important part of my office budget is donations from individual donors, and yes you can make a difference in our ability to protect the rights of older adults - you know people my age and older.  

Where have I been? Home, work, the farmers market, out to eat.  I will write about that next. 

What have I been eating? With the kitchen renovation ongoing we have been either going out, or enjoying take away.  In the last week we did Mexican, Greek, the condo restaurant, pizza, and Caphe Banh Mi a hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant behind City Hall in old town Alexandria. It was the standout best of the past week.  I had a noodle bowl with chicken that was so loaded with flavors.  It is the best I have had since we left Orlando, I still miss the nor closed Viet Garden.  I do look forward to having a kitchen again, soon.  

What's new in travel?  We are going to Montreal in October.  I was a consultant on a research project looking at the experience of GLBTQ adults in hospice and palliative care.  The results of the study are being presented at an international conference on palliative care and I was asked to replace one of the presenters who is unable to go.  I have never been to Montreal, J is going with me.  We am looking forward to it.  

What has made me happy this week? Travel plans, Banh Mi, and progress on the kitchen.  The counter tops are in, the drywall repairs are done, the backsplash tile should be in before this posts. At that point is all finishing details.  Oh, and notice of a nice salary increase.  

What has made me sad this week? The death of Queen Elizabeth II, like 94% of the world's population, she was the only Queen in my lifetime.  My grandmother was born near London, became a US Citizen after I was born, and was always a fan, but kind of in secret.  She was afraid of being seen as disloyal to the country she had called home most of her life, but never missed a chance to admire the royal family.  My grandmother was my closest friend in my teen years.  

Who deserves a slap this week? Other than the usual political issues, I can't think of anyone.  Get out an VOTE. 

What made me smile this week?  The Obama's visit to the White House. 

Who have I seen? The CEO was walking the floor early one morning recently and I had a minute to say hi.  

What have I been watching? Billy is posting dailies on restoring a convent in France - YouTube continues to be my go to.  PBS is playing "Landscape Artist of the Year" from Britton, a nice way to fill the 7:00 hour.  I especially like it when they go to paint in places I have been to.  As soon as we unpack the kitchen I will start painting again, at the moment that end of my bedroom is filled with boxes of kitchen contents.  

What have I been reading? Not enough.  I have started reading a book on book binding.  I need to get back into a habit of reading when watching TV.  My commute has been disrupted the past few weeks.  

What am I uncertain of? My commute for the next six weeks while Metro rail cuts in the new Potomac Yard station.  By the time I figure out the best way to get in and out of the city, service will be restored.  

What is in the background? My brother-in-law continues to decline slowly, painfully.  Everytime my phone pings with a text message, I brace myself.  

What am I getting ready for? As soon as the kitchen is finished I need to make my holiday fruitcake, so it can age with brandy and bourbon for a couple of months. We joked that my mother's fruitcake was 100 proof. 


  1. The Montreal trip sounds so good and for a very good purpose. SG has a Jamaican black cake that’s so potent you could get drunk on the fumes when it’s unwrapped.

    1. Lots of good stuff coming up, we went for the new COVID booster over the weekend

  2. I adore the car!!!! Back when cars had style and piazza!!!!

  3. Vietnamese is one of my favorite cuisines. When I lived in California we had a local Vietnamese restaurant called BoBo Café and it was amazing; we really became regulars there. In San Francisco you couldn't walk more than a few blocks without finding Vietnamese food. Sadly, Miami was a little less Vietnamese cuisine friendly and South Carolina even worse ... I have yet to find one.

    1. There are a few around, this one is by far the best

  4. I have never been to Montreal either but have heard that it is a beautiful city. I can't wait to hear your take on it.

    1. Should be fun, the conference organizers aren't organized