Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Travel Tuesday: Sheep!

 It started simply enough, J was shopping, it was near Easter, and he saw cute little stuffed animal sheep, he put it in the basket, the cashier thought is was a bag of cotton balls.  One sheep, led to another, and another, someplace along the way they became larger, huggable size.  I have lost count of how many we have - a nice flock of house sheep.  

Twice when we have been traveling a stuffed sheep in the window of a shop has enticed me to stop and shop.  If they have sheep, they must be nice people.  One was in Ireland, I bought a nice handmade leather change wallet, that I carry everyday.  For that one, I drove past, made a U turn and went back.  Then there was this one in Iceland.  The first evening they had already closed, we stopped the next evening on our way to dinner - more shopping.  

I guess I am easy, if you want me to stop in, put a pretty sheep in the window.  


  1. Anonymous9/13/2022

    There are worse things to collect I suppose and I may have collected worse in my time.

  2. You’d make lots of stops in Bergen, Norway. I don’t collect sheep, but one of our cousins does. They would be easy to get hooked on.

  3. I think they'd look cozy.

  4. Oh goodness, this one looks so cuddly.

  5. That is one handsome ram!

  6. I like a couple quirky pieces in the house...so that sheep would be welcoming. I'd buy it.

    1. It starts with just one sheep, and before you know it,