Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Saturday Morning Post: Twenty One Daily Reminders to Me

  1. Have a little fun everyday.
  2. Be kind to yourself.
  3. Be kind to someone else.
  4. Care not, what other's think. 
  5. Find the good in others. 
  6. Don't get hung up on the daily drama.
  7. Take a walk.
  8. Savor the good stuff.
  9. Read something worthwhile.
  10. Forgive.
  11. Spend time doing nothing, thinking about nothing.
  12. Think outside the box.
  13. Laugh. If you can't remember the last time you laughed, it has been too long. 
  14. Dream. 
  15. Move forward everyday, one step at a time.
  16. It hurts sometimes, get on with life. 
  17. See the world though the eyes and ears of others.
  18. Look up, look down, look right, left and ahead. 
  19. Surround yourself with things that make you happy.
  20. Play, we don't quit playing because we grow old, we grow old when we quit playing. 
  21. Remember, life is a temporary condition, enjoy it while it is here. 


  1. Anonymous4/24/2021

    I may tick some of those.

    1. You could add a few from your view of life

  2. Replies
    1. Most days, that is the first step

  3. 22 - look in the mirror and tell yourself how cute you are!

  4. I like the list and i like Anne Marie's addition!

  5. There is a lot of good advice in that list.

  6. A good list indeed. It was hard for me to pick out the best one.

    1. It started as 10 and kept growing