Saturday, March 02, 2019

Screamed at Again

I had heard about the curved escalators in the Westfield shopping center on Market Street in San Francisco.  Very unique, so I walked over for a look and of course to take a few pictures.  Security screamed at me, that I couldn't take pictures - not the first time I have been screamed at for taking pictures - probably won't be the last.  I just act innocent, put the camera away and say, "oh, I didn't know."  There is no use arguing with Barney Fife that it is a public place and yes I do have a right to take photos.  It is a public place and yes you can take pictures.  If I owned the place I would encourage people to post photos of the unique feature with captions like, you have got to see this the next time you are in town.  

Have you been screamed at for taking pictures?   


  1. barney fife - LOVE IT! that is a great pix; who knew escalators could be made like that?

    our john wanamaker department store in philly (now a macy's) had WOOD escalators, not metal, back in the 60s. they were so cool!

    never been screamed at for taking pix, IIRC.

  2. I got yelled at in Westminster Abbey for taking a photo of the Coronation Chair. In my defence, I hadn't noticed the sign saying "no photos."

  3. Can't say that I have. I'm not a big shutterbug, though. Oooh, look at me and my grandma words. I have, however, been the screamer. Say, like when I was in the ship's infirmary looking, and feeling, like death warmed over twice. Balder Half decided to snap a picture and sent it off to everybody and their mamas. I don't photograph well on a good day, but really? Okay, I didn't scream. It was more like a pathetic whimper. It would've been a scream if I'd had the strength. I know, once again, overshare.

  4. You can't take a picture of a curved escalators?????? In a mall? Am I missing something? The last time I got yelled at was in Buenos Aires I think at the Evita museum, or the Casa Rotunda for taking a picture. I took one anyway.

    1. The pictures are supposed to stay on the walls, Maddie! Sheesh!

  5. Yes and I was stunned. I don't know when shopping malls began banning photography in the States. I was in King's Plaza, Brooklyn, a few years ago and wanted to take a photo of a Cinnabon sign for a blog I wanted to write. A security guard actually yelled at me and I had no clue why. When I asked what the problem was, the response was a nasty, "You know you can't take pictures in here.!" I said, "Well, I'm just visiting, so actually I DIDN'T know. But I guess I know now." ['Asshole'] And, I still don't get the regulations. Then again, pilots were initially banned from bringing water bottles on planes with them... the same pilots who could crash the planes with or without water bottles.