Saturday, March 09, 2019

Feeding Creativity

I read a little book one time about feeding the creative process for artists.  One of the best suggestions was go out of your way to see new things.  Take a different route to and from familiar places.  Stop in a shop you have never been in before.  Listen to new music (or old music you have never heard before.) Read a book you are not interested in, buy a random magazine (there are a lot fewer options for this than there was 20 years ago.)  

We need to get people to look up from their self contained worlds, people wander around plugged into the soundtrack of their lives - blocking out the sounds around them, staring at the five-inch screen in front of them, not seeing the adventure that surrounds them.  

Have you unplugged, gotten out of your zone and seen something new recently?  


  1. every time I visit my knitting social website, I see new items created by other members and it inspires me. I listen to the classical music station on the radio and hear pieces I don't know. SO GLAD I don't own a tiny idiot box (cell phone)!

  2. I've spent the first year of my retirement doing new things like tai chi and learning to play bridge -- yes, new experiences are rejuvenating!

  3. I see something new every time I visit my favorite blog, including this one. I have no problem with vicarious living.

  4. I try to keep conscious of this all the time viz. try new and different things not the usual safe familiar. I know this gets more difficult as we age.