Saturday, March 16, 2019

Big Bears

I am out of touch with popular culture and didn't recognize what the store was about, characters from a video game, or animated show.  But the big bear drew me in, keeps drawing me in.  I have bears in the back seats of both cars.  The little bear in the back of the sensible hatch was a gift from my sweet bear, on our first out of town trip.  In the back of the convertible is a slightly larger than lifesize panda.  I think the convertible is going to be known as the Pandavaggon. 

Does anyone have a back seat big enough for this bear?   


  1. I've had a bear in that back seat, but not that big.

  2. we don't. and why am I NOT surprised at maddie's comment? that stuffed bear would fit nicely in that lincoln convertible pix you posted the other day. now YOUR sweet bear WOULD fit in MY back seat...

  3. Well, We have a big Ford pick-up, so yeah one can fit in that. The one with the leather jacket would look just ducky-or beary- on the back of Balder's late life crisis motorcycle.

  4. Ooooooo! Don’t I look adorable!

  5. Is either one a backseat driver?

    1. That is my role, my mother taught me to drive

  6. That sure was a loaded question... and Mistress Maddie did NOT disappoint!