Friday, March 08, 2019


I don't know why, but I like wood boxes.  It started with tiny one's with sliding tops, very popular in the 1980's, and have progressed to larger ones.  Some of them are practical for storage, some are not.  A couple of them have hidden compartments. I have a couple of dozen of them.  

The one above is walnut, dovetailed construction, made in Pennsylvania.  It is handy for storing TV remotes.  

What do you collect?  


  1. Dust and dead plant bodies.

  2. Mice. Realistic ones, not cartoonish ones or Hallmark. My favorite is a set of painted pewter Victorian mice. It's a five piece orchestra with three players, a soloist, and a conductor. I bought it in 1986 at Anne Hathaway's birthplace outside of Stratford, England. I have over 200 different mice--collected from all over.

  3. I have two lovely wooden boxes: one hold my treasures and the other will hold my ashes.

  4. I try not to collect anything now after downsizing to move to Spain. We used to collect boxes of varied materials (wood, metal, wicker, tile); Mexican pottery cats; contemporary American art glass; pigs (for the kitchen... bowls, vases, salt & pepper, wall art, antique signs); terra cotta wall faces; sets of China; silverware; wine glasses; coffee mugs; tea sets; oh dear god... no wonder we had to downsize.