Friday, March 29, 2019

Near the Top

From the top you can see Orlando to the north, Disney to the south and west.  The wheel is located south of Sand Lake Road, east of I-4, east of International Drive on Universal Boulevard.  When I first moved to Orlando I shared an apartment with my middle brother about 4 miles north and east of here.  The only thing south of Sand Lake Road and east of I-4 was the Martin Marietta engineering and manufacturing facility.  Now a part of Lockheed,  Martin owned thousand of fenced acres.  What they did, was mostly classified military work, flying hardware of mass destruction.  I was shocked by how much of their factory is still there.  The exit off of the expressway is unmarked, security looks effective.   

My how things have changed, and I was surprised at this still being there.  


  1. Not the most interesting of views from up there, but still would be fun. Ugh, Lockheed Martin! Crooks!