Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday

This picture was taken about 15 years ago in Yorkshire.  Stephen on the left, got me started in blogging, I filled in for him one summer for a couple of weeks while he was on Holiday in France.  His old blog is long gone, his latest blog is at He and Duncan live in London.  His parents live in Harrogate, his mother is not well.  

My sweet bear (on the right) was deciding what to order.  He settled on roast beef, yorkshire pudding and mushy peas.  Mushy peas are a very English dish made with peas.  He remarked the peas retained their essential peaness - say that outloud and you may know why we all had a good laugh.  



    speaking of peaness; the link is safe for work.

  2. Ugh, I hate peas, mushy or otherwise. Although I do love them raw, straight from the shell.

  3. Wow, their essential peaness, huh? You’d think I’d therefore like mushy peas, but I don’t!

  4. The dear man has not aged a bit !