Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday - Jack's Story

I found this is my father's slides, from the early 1960s.  His name was Jack, I don't remember his last name.  He was a childhood friend of my father in Clausen and Royal Oak, Michigan.  In the 1950's he moved to Arizona, married and had a houseful of kids.  We visited them the first time we went to Arizona, we were only there a week that trip.  When we went back the next winter Jack was gone.  

Jack liked to drink, it is unclear if he was an alcoholic, but he made a terrible mistake one night.  He had a few too many drinks, and caused a traffic accident on the way home.  Someone died in the accident.  He pled guilty to DUI and went to jail.  Leaving his wife and family struggling in his absence.  Being the 1960's the sentence was short, he was released in 2-3 years.  He divorced his wife, without returning home.  He signed on with a shipping company and went to sea.  Sometime in the 1970's my father heard that Jack was living with his mother in the Detroit area and went to try to visit.  Jack declined the visit.  He was terminally ill and didn't want to talk to anyone.  He died shortly after that.  

I recall the hurt and confusion my father went through.  Dad believed in second chances, forgiveness, that good people make mistakes - and are still good people.  He didn't understand how a good man, could reject his family and friends.  

We learn values, by observing.  


  1. That kind of accident would be difficult to recover from. Difficult enough if he hadn’t been drinking. A tragedy for all concerned. And such a shame.

  2. How terrible a fateful day can translate a life's path.