Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday - The Mirror Project

This was taken in Toronto about 14 years ago, in Toronto, with my first real digital camera.  I will have that one around here someplace.  It was taken to be submitted to "The Mirror Project."  The Mirror Project was a website that posted photos of reflections of the photographer.  Any reflective surface would work, the more interesting the setting, the more popular the image would be.  As I recall submissions were limited to one per week, per person.  The editors selected the images for posting.  It was run by volunteers, never monetized and stopped taking submissions after a few short years.  It was one of my first forays in web-publishing - along building a page on Virtual Tourist - now also closed.  

How far we have come in just a few years, how far will we go in the next 15 years? 


  1. in 15 years you will still be a handsome world-traveling penguin!

  2. Hard to imagine... if we all survive the next couple!

  3. I concur with Mitchell - I don't have much truck I will see 15 year hence.