Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas - The Queen's Speech Edition

There is a fine British tradition of the Queen's Speech, a public address at Christmas.  In homage to my English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish ancestors, here I go. 

Greetings to all, wishing you and yours a Merry Happy Christmas and Joyous Holiday season.  This time of year leaves us reflecting on the year past and planning for the year to come.  The past year has been filled with joys and challenges.  I have traveled far and wide across this great country.  No missed connections, only one major delay, and only one delayed bag.  Not bad for the level of adventure.  I have seen a lot of wonders, and unfortunately seen a couple of dear blogger's face life's great challenges.  I wish them strength to hang on for the coming dawn, for as the sun rises each morning we are given the opportunity to start afresh.  

Here at home, a most joyous experience, we are once again back living in just one house year around, with Sweet Bear's retirement from teaching.  The bliss will settle in over the coming months.  

Despite the stumbles in the market late this year, we have had a relatively prosperous year, and we have positioned ourselves well for the coming year. 😌  The queen is pleased! 

Plans for the coming year, call for a little less travel, though New York, Orlando, Cleveland, Nashville, Ft. Worth, Seattle and New Orleans are already on the agenda.  Here at home, we will be feathering our nest with plans afoot for replacing the kitchen and updating the baths sometime soon.

With the new Congress taking office in January, little will happen, sadly that means nothing really good, balanced by nothing really stupid. The political tone in DC is caustic, draining down from the mango menace in the Kremlin Annex.  I really wish Santa would deliver a dose of kindness and civility to little-Donny (intelligence is too much to ask for - he is Santa not a miracle worker.)   

Wishing all our friends in Blog Land a very Happy New Year!  Please keep blogging and sharing, we look forward to reading your random rambles, and seeing glimpses into your world.  


  1. SMOOCH to you and sweet bear in your shared den!

  2. Ditto, Anne Marie. That is an adorable mental picture.

  3. Oh this was better than Her Majesty's !

  4. Wishing you and your Sweet Bear all the best in 2019!