Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Time For Looking Back and Looking Forward

By my nature I am a score keeper, and this time of the year I tend to look back over the year and see what have I done.  I have learned to set goals, to make plans for the future.  This time of the year, I tend to evaluate the year, and plan for the coming year.  
So how have I done? It was a good year. 

  • I traveled a lot, the highlight was the slow drive down the California coast.  
  • I took lots of pictures, 
  • I made good progress on scanning in old images. 
  • I have maintained my personal goal of at least one blog post per day.
  • I read a ton of books, some were entertaining, most were educational.  Several have inspired me to try to find funding for a project that everyone recognizes as an issue, and no one has attempted to offer an answer.   
  • I connected with family and friends, something I tend to forget to do.  
  • We hit a couple of lifetime financial goals, passed a milestone net worth mark, and for the first time in adulthood, I am debt free.  
  • I had an interesting year in the office.  We made significant progress on research, I finished writing a journal article that was a real struggle, it will be published in spring. I made commitments to write two more.  I will learn to say "no" someday.  We had a major funding cut, that we need to work around in the next couple of years, or major changes will need to happen.  Major changes are going to happen, two of my five key colleagues will retire in the next two years, and two more of us within five years.  
  • There is more and more diverse music in my life. It feeds my being. 
  • Hubby is now here in the condo permanently.  The other house is history.  

The future? 

  • I will likely travel a bit less in 2019.  
  • I need to fund a couple of new projects in the office, or make plans for moving on. 
  • We will settle into a new normal at home. 
  • We will take at least one long vacation this year, maybe more, I have something silly like five weeks of vacation time on the books again.  I can't take it with me. 
  • I want to take more pictures, I want to start work on book project. 
How was your year?  What will your new year bring? 


  1. So happy you're both at home, together! Wishing you everything you wish for in 2019.

  2. spouse had his left hip replaced. both of us are still alive, as are the cats.

    2019 sees me sign up for medicare. and I am aiming for more blogger friend meetups!

  3. I second Mitchell. 2018 highlight, my sister murdering ex brother-in-law was denied parole and sentenced to five more years. My life is a wee bit mundane but I like it. Going to see Aquaman on Monday, so there's that.
    2019- I'd like to rent one of those big trash bins and empty out junk from my house one room at a time. That would be pure bliss. They don't call me Ms Excitement for nothing, y'all!
    I will also continue to track the friends I've made online as I visit here in the blogosphere. I may comment less, that bin won't fill itself, but I will still be reading.

    1. We are merging the 1607 sq ft house, and the 1120 sq ft condo, into the 1120 square foot condo, I see a visit from 1-800-got-junk in the near future. There is some stuff you have to pay people to haul away, I am ready to pay, as long as I can watch, and the junk haulers are worth watching.

      Domestic violence kills far more people than immigrants (legal or otherwise) and Congress let the violence against women act lapse again. Funding for the work is in the DOJ budget, tied up in the fight over a wall - I better stop now.

  4. Being debt free is awesome! Well done!

  5. I think you had a marvelous 2018! I am glad to have been a part of yours viz. the visits.