Saturday, December 22, 2018

Random Flashback

One advantage of having traveled and taken lots and lots of photographs, is the ability to open the photo file on my computer and get an instant flashback.  

This photo was taken in Greece.  We met up with Carole and Kent in Athens.  Kent was finishing a year as a scholar in residence, they had been there nearly the full year.  They were bored with Athens, so Kent rented a car and took us out into the Greek countryside for two or three days.  He is a fearless driver, you need nerves of steel, and F-1 driving skills to maneuver the back roads of Greece in a Fiat Punto.  He was able to take us places way off the beaten tourist path.  It was wonderful.  

We stopped for lunch overlooking the remains of a Temple overlooking the water.  This was the path down the back of the Temple along the top of the cliffs. A place I never would have seen if not for Kent's sense of adventure.  I saw him twice last year, he is living in Oakland, Carole died of cancer a few years after they retired, far to young.  

Grab the adventures when you can.  


  1. Greece is one my bucket list. I often look back on my photos.

  2. Sweet and sad at the same time. Yes, grab them while you can.

  3. looks somewhat like the california coast...

  4. If you ever travel to Malaysia, please rent a van . Its definitely more affordable and safe.