Saturday, December 01, 2018


I have to start off by saying, I don't understand children.  There is little evidence that I was ever a child.  I have never been around children, I was the youngest child, in a rural setting, my one and only cousin is 14 years younger than I, I was living 1,000 miles away when my sister spawned.  I have no experience with children, and they sometimes frighten me.  

Two things this week set me on a bit of a rant. 

First is a "news" story about a gate-agent for an airline mocking and making fun of the name of a young girl.  A rude thing to do, people are outraged at the airline.  Now the child's name is Abcde - pronounced according to her mother as Ab-city, or Absidy.  Where is the outrage at the parents?  This dear child is going to be the but of the joke until she changes her name.  Her parents should be charged with child abuse.  

Moving on to my second one.  I had lunch with a former law clerk. The week he graduated from law school, his wife gave birth to a delightful little boy.  She had a really great job, so he stayed home with the baby for the first year of his son's life.  A couple of employers have criticized his choice to stay home with his son for a year.  

I had two comments for him, the employer who does not understand a man taking the opportunity to spend a year with his newborn son, is an employer who does not understand work life balance, an employer you really don't want to work for.  And second, 30 years from now, he will have no regrets.  That time with his baby, will be one of the highlights of his life.   

Anyone have a job for a caring law school graduate?  


  1. I was never a child either. can't stand them, never wanted 24/7/365 responsibility for one.

    #1 - I read that abcde's brother is names lmnop. KILL THAT BITCH!

    #2 - THAT is a caring father, something I never had.

  2. My mother stayed home the first two years before going back to work, then I stayed with my grandmother till I went into Discovery School.

    I don't think kids should be seen or heard. I don't know what to do with them. Too many don't mind there kids these days.

  3. Your points are well-taken, My Sweet. As they always are.

  4. I admire that law clerk! We've had a number of friends who have done the same. As for Abcde, I agree with you. The child should NOT have been made fun of by that adult but the mother should have given that name some thought, because everyone else I'm sure will be joining in over the years. Poor kid!

  5. Does he like to clean house?