Monday, December 10, 2018

Don't Stop Believing

I sent a memo to a boss one time, telling him how angry I was. The memo started out, "I am mad as hell and that is a good thing, because it means I still care."  Over the years I have mellowed, I seldom get mad, when I do I try to take time to put it all in perspective and usually come up with a better solution.  

When I resigned from my first real job, I simply said to the boss, "I lost the faith, I don't believe in company any more." I had stuck with that first company through thick and thin, but changes in management and ultimately in ownership and I felt the company had lost its way.  I moved onto one of the best jobs I ever had, working for a self professed manipulator.  

I was hauling books to donate to the library in Lexington, and I came across a paperback book that I read at the right time (during that first real job) called the power of purpose.  The message of the book was simple, find something to do with your life that has meaning for you - and there is meaning to be found in any job.  Most of the jobs I have had have allowed me to do work that I found intrinsically valuable. I found purpose, even something as mundane as selling womens shoes. I took time to help customers who were hard to fit. I set a land speed record finding the perfect pair of white shoes for a bride in her wedding dress who was late for her wedding (she had stepped in something and ruined her shoes on the way to the church.) I made a difference, most of the time.  

Everyone has value, 
Everything we do matters, 
If you don't care when things are messed up, either find purpose in what you are doing, to move on.  The sad truth is I quit that first job, weeks before I left that first job.  If you don't believe, rethink, or move on.  

Is the song stuck in your brain?   


  1. nope; but I do like the sign!

  2. Without doubt "Don't stop believing" is in the top 10 songs I truly despise, thanks to countless exposure to it at work.