Saturday, November 17, 2018

Stormy Weather

Someone was lamenting stormy weather recently, pissing down  cold rain, makes it hard to get out and go.  Makes for a good day to snuggle up and read.  As this was happening, wildfires are raging in California.  A rainy day would be very welcome for a person in the midst of a drought and active fire season.  

When I flew into Sacramento last month I was watching the ground. The lake is easy to pick out, but what is the black area, then it hit me, those are areas, hundreds of acres, burned off in wildfires.  

Wishing stormy weather on California, they need it. 


  1. Your photo really emphasizes the devastation from a birds eye view. I lived in CA for over 30 years and can't remember any fire being this brutally destructive.

  2. I remember some devastating fires but never anything like this. Heartbreaking.

  3. Is the pugnacious someone you mention in need of discipline?

  4. Rain is supposedly due here by Wednesday. I think a gentle rain would be best because stormy weather may bring mudslides.