Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Screen Saver

Last winter I bought a new desktop computer for home, I know a desktop is kind of old-fashioned, but I LOVE the 27 inch display, the robust capacity and speed.  I switched from being a longterm Windows user to being a Mac baby.  I do like it, but converting is a bit like learning a new religion, it takes a while to figure out how things are done.  

I recently discovered how to change the desktop image and the screen saver image.  I set the desktop to the photo above, taken on a Sunday morning in March in San Francisco, and the screen saver to rotate through my photos from 2018.  My I have been busy, and I have been some pretty places.  I need to be reminded from time to time, that it has not all been a grind.  

It has been a very good year! 


  1. My current screen saver is a picture for naturist and photographer Tomass Hawke. His picture are amazing as is his blog.

  2. mine is a beach scene from either CA or OR; very large rocks!

  3. My screen saver is a static photo of the Mediterranean Sea from the jetty a few minutes away. I took it 5 years ago. I need to change it. Being in the graphic design business during the onset of computer work, I was always a Mac user but had to use a PC at work for my last job (3-1/2 years). What an adjustment. I finally got proficient at both. Not anymore. Exclusively Mac since retirement.. and now with iPad and iPhone. Heaven! (Well, sometimes.)