Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Salt Water- Salt Air

Just looking at the picture, I can taste the salt water.  My earliest memories of the ocean are as a teenager.  I remember being surprised by the sharp-salty water, the minor burning as it made contact with my pasty skin.  The tight feel on my skin as it dried.  Much different than freshwater, much warmer than the great lakes.  I like it.  I miss it.  

Minimizing the woulda, coulda, shouldas in the my life, I should have learned to surf.  

Salt or freshwater for you? 


  1. I'm more used to salt water. My skin sure feels smooth after being in the ocean...a good exfoliator.

  2. Salt! I grew up on the ocean and am on the salty sea again. I love the taste, the smell... and the lack of mud and weeds! And, yeah, I too wish I learned to surf.

  3. salty ocean water, from whence we all came.

  4. Salt water all the way! San Diego born beach baby. Too clumsy to surf, but I did love boogie boarding.