Friday, November 16, 2018


We went to the Wensleydale Creamery in Yorkshire.  I had mentioned maybe going to a cheese factory, our hosts thought I would get the Wallace and Gromit jokes (I didn't, I hadn't seen the show.) Between the parking lot and the creamery was a meadow with sheep in it.  Friendly sheep, there was a path through the meadow and the sheep spent a lot of time with people.  

That was the start of my liking sheep.  You have to be careful if you say loving sheep, people get the wrong idea, this is the not land where men are men and sheep are nervous.  I like the look, the basic shape, the fluffy fleece.  Sheep and penguins are recurring themes in my life.  

What animal keeps popping up in your life?  


  1. FOXES keep popping up!!!!

    But I love sheep too. I pass a farm and market on my way home, and I often stop and feed the sheep and goats there after work on Fridays.

  2. Hmm... what animal keeps popping up in my life? Nothing comes to mind. Anyway, I LOVE Wallace & Gromit!

  3. Almost any baby animal: kittens. puppies, bunnies, lambs, ducklings, chicks, etc. I even like mice, just not in the house.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, the birds definitely! I loathe whiskey in all of its forms! BH has a variety them in a cupboard. He had me taste test a couple of them just to see if there was one I'd like. No swallowing, just swishing. Ugh! One in particular- Bulleit Bourbon- I call it Old Rotgut, seemed to burn out all of the membranes in my mouth and put hair on my chest with the fumes!
      Hmm, maybe it is the booze that keeps popping up in my life!

  5. Those were truly exceptional sheep.

  6. Oh... and I should also mention that bunnies always appear in my life just when I need them the most.

  7. Direwolf - and I wish it would cease.