Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday Random Ramble - I Talk Too Much

I love to talk, I have a colleague who loves to talk.  Recently I asked if she had a couple of minutes after a video call.  95 minutes later we returned to our work.  Not that the 95 minutes were not about work, it is kind of nice having a colleague that I can discuss complex issues with, even question if we are headed in the right direction or should we become radicals in a different direction.  She brought me back to the middle. It was a long diversion.  If we can master productivity, this should be a very effective collaboration. I talk to much. 

Sometimes you ask me a simple question, and when I finish my answer you feel like the kid who asked dad where do babies come from. I tend to get carried away and talk too much. 

A project we have been working on at the office, is almost finished and the answers we found where not what we expected.  Some of the questions we posed at the beginning either have no answer, or those holding the answers are unwilling to reveal them. I was reading something the other evening, and I came to understand what has happened.  What we have learned is not the answers to the questions we asked, but what questions we need ask.  Life is like that.

There was something on FB the other day about remembering when you buy a book, you are rewarding someone for days, months, maybe years spent staring at computer screens, wondering when the world was going to realize they are a fraud.  I have those moments, moments when I wonder if I can write a coherent sentence, if I am being to extreme in one direction or the other. I think back to being the kid who grew up a mile-and-half from the nearest paved road, about the failures in my life, and remind myself that origin is not destiny. All the world can ask, is that we take what we have to work with, and do the best we can.  

Like everyone there are challenges in my life.  I talk to much, but there are things I don't talk about.  I sometimes wonder if, I should. But I talk too much.  



  1. I, too, talk too much. But not always. And I also wonder about the things I don’t talk about.

    1. I think we are just fine the way we are.

  2. I talk and talk, and when I wait for the person I'm talking with to respond, and they don't, then I talk some more.
    I really am a good listener, but I have the bad habit of wanting to fill the empty spaces.

  3. A very interesting post. I sometimes wonder if I don't talk enough. Even though at times, it does feel like I'm talking too much.

  4. After a day of work listening , one of my pleasures is talking while someone else listens.

  5. That's a common characteristic of lawyers!