Tuesday, May 28, 2019

With a Little Help From His Friends

This is Michael and Inu, they are inseparable.  Michael is a friend of mine, he is lawyer, a successful business owner, he has a lovely family, he plays a wicked game of golf, he is just finishing his term as president of a national professional organization, did I mention that he is legally blind - he has vision in a very narrow band and he has significant hearing loss.  

Mike does just wonderful in life with a little help from his friends.  This is his third dog from The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey.  It takes a special dog to help Mike live a full life, raised from puppyhood, thousands of hours of work and training go into preparing a dog to help Mike navigate the world.  It is amazing to watch the two of them develop a bond of trust. If you are of a mind to support a charitable organization,  The Seeing Eye makes a real difference in helping people navigate life. 

Mike's friends help a little, simple things: 

  • If you are giving directions or helping Mike find something, describe it, don't point. 
  • Don't get between him and the dog.
  • Don't interact with the dog when the harness is on. 
  • When walking with Mike, let him and dog be a couple of steps ahead, it helps the dog lead Mike. 
  • If you see a curb or step, tell Mike, though the dog will feel it before he does and seldom misses.  
  • Try not to trip over the dog, I tripped over his previous dog - twice.
  • Ask Mike, how you can help, before trying to help. 
  • Speak up and let Mike know you have entered the room, tell him when you are leaving. 
  • He plays golf with a partner - who knows what to say to help him - he and his daughter played Pebble Beach last summer. 

Mike lives a full and active life.  Can he do everything - it seems like it sometimes - he does 100% of everything he can do.  What I have never seen him do, is dwell on what he can't do.  If Mike had a pitty-party it was a long time ago, if it is ongoing it is in private, as he pushes onward, always onward.  


  1. mike is an inspiration. you are VERY lucky to have him as a friend.

  2. Mike sounds like a great person. And that’s an excellent charity!

  3. Sounds like a great guy living his best life!