Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy May 13th!

Four years ago today, it seems like yesterday and it seems like it was 100 years ago, a tumor was removed, my spinal cord decompressed and a section of spine was rebuilt.  Most of the feeling and control in my legs and feet came back.  I haven't fallen since, it is unpleasant to fall and not be able to get back up.  

The experience changed me.  I take less for granted, I know I may not always be able to go and do things as freely as I can today.  Life is short, enjoy it while you can.  I will never be 100% as I was before, but I am 100% as good as I am today and there is so much that I can do and enjoy.    

I will be forever grateful for the dedicated and talented team of doctors and nurses that spent over 12 hours working on my spine that day, and kept me alive and improving for weeks afterwards.  I was fortunate to live where I live and have access to some of the best care in the world.  The inpatient physical therapy hospital was one that people travel from around the world to get care in - it is just down the road from home.  I thank the therapists who pushed me, encouraged me to endure, and got me strong enough to return home - knowing that I needed to push myself even farther (I am still pushing myself to do more and get stronger.) I am thankful for great insurance, my medical bills that one year were just short of $400,000, and I never missed a paycheck thanks to short term disability insurance at work. If I hadn't had good insurance, I most likely would not be walking today.  

Take care of yourself,
Take nothing for granted,
Enjoy today, there are no guarantees. 

Thanks for enduring my once a year, indulgence of talking about this part of my life.  


  1. And your glad for you to be telling us!!!!! You are a miracle. Spinal issues are not easy tasks.

  2. my 30th "second birthday" is coming up next month. that's what the MDs gave you, a "second birthday". nothing will ever be the same as before. kick ass, take names, LIVE!

  3. Thanks for sharing this part of your life.. and for always obviously remembering the lessons you learned! Happy anniversary!

  4. This made me cry sad and happy tears. Such intestinal fortitude! I feel churlish for frustrating my dietician.